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I am Madame Turquo!se, a mystical creatress composing my life’s soundtrack from the heart of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.  Affectionately giving myself the moniker of High Priestess of the Cs – Creativity, Conjure, Color, Culture, and Curves – each resonates with the love that fuels my being.

As a woman of African descent, the teachings of my ancestors and foremothers are sacred threads woven into the very fabric of my intentional lifestyle. My passion for the cultures and traditions across the African diaspora serves as the foundation of my existence.

In the professional realm, I identify as a Sacral Chakra Creative but my official title is . My mojo bag includes graphic design, interior design, photography, and various mediums, all channeling the magic of expression. The profound connection between creativity and spirituality dawned on me later in my career, revealing itself as a natural extension of my purpose.

Dedicating time to study under esteemed teachers, I immersed myself in conjurations such as reiki, astrology, numerology, chakras, human design, chromatherapy, and ancient rituals. Through persistent learning, I emerged as a Tantric Shaman Practitioner (Black Girl Tantra/Peruivian lineage), Reiki Master (Usui lineage), Color Specialist, and I am on the path to becoming a budding Aromatherapist. My mission is crystal clear – aligning my talents to guide others in creating lives filled with clarity, intention, purpose, and pleasure.

My journey into the spiritual and healing arts traces back to reading horoscopes in my childhood, but it wasn’t until the 90s that I dipped my toe into spiritual waters. Following the urgings of Spirit, I scheduled my first numerology reading in the early 2000s. The practitioner foresaw a path in this work for me – a revelation I initially couldn’t fathom. Now, over 15 years later, I am opening the doors to the Turquoise Sanctuary to serve you.

Join me on this enchanting odyssey, where the rich tapestry of heritage converges with the healing arts. Together, let’s navigate the realms, uncovering the keys to a life illuminated with purpose and joy in our shared dance of existence.

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The High Priestess of the Cs - Creativity, Conjure, Color, Culture and Curves

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