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Today is #NationalBlackGirlMagicDay… and I believe that ALL Black girls and women are magical. Even when they are asleep to their magic. In real life, some may say that I am a witch (and I do not mind that…because I know what it means) but I prefer the term CONJURIST. I feel like it honors the magical women in my lineage and the legacy of magic that ARE Black Women (don’t forget your grandmother was/is a Hoodooist and you are too). I am honored that they have tapped me to restore this gift. But where do my magical powers lie (I have quite a few)?;
Here are some that some of you may have experienced.
    • The ability to be a safe and loving space.
    • The ability to put things together aesthetically.
    • Some of you have allowed me to perform Reiki and read into your spiritual and energy space…some of you have sought my spiritual guidance and advice…for this I am thankful because it allows me practice this newest gift.
So Black Girl/Woman – what are some of your super and magical powers?
AI Image of Moi by Hotspot and Faceswapper