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In the tapestry of life, there exists a realm where magic intertwines with purpose, intention, and pleasure. Allow me to take you on a voyage of self-discovery – how did I get here?  Follow my  journey that illuminates the depths of the soul and unveils the magic within.

The Cosmic Prelude

In the vibrant heart of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, I emerged into the cosmic dance of stars and constellations, marking the inception of my narrative. Embracing the title of High Priestess of the Cs – Creativity, Conjure, Color, Culture, and Curves – I discovered my soul intricately woven into the tapestry of existence, entangled with the vibrant threads of life.

Ancestral Roots and Cultural Passion

Being of African descent, my path is firmly anchored in the wisdom and customs passed down by my ancestors and foremothers.  A fervor for the myriad cultures and traditions spanning the African diaspora forms the bedrock of my purposeful way of life. This sacred connection is the pulse into each of my pursuits, breathing life and meaning into every endeavor.

The Sacral Chakra Creative

In the professional realm, I identify as a Sacral Chakra Creative – a term that encapsulates the fusion of creativity and spirituality in my life. Graphic design, interior design, photography, and various creative mediums are the tools I wield to express the magic within. However, the profound connection between creativity and spirituality wasn’t immediately apparent in my early years as a professional creative. It was an epiphany that unfolded as a natural extension of my purpose.

What’s In My Mojo Bag?

The journey into self-discovery led me to assemble a mystical toolbox brimming with transformative modalities. Reiki, astrology, numerology, chakras, human design, chromatherapy, and ancient rituals became the keys to unlocking the doors to inner realms. With dedication and persistence, I emerged as a Tantric Shaman Practitioner, Reiki Master, Color Specialist, and embarked on the path to becoming a budding Aromatherapist. This sacred toolbox is not just an array of practices but a reflection of my commitment to guiding others on their journey to clarity, intention, purpose, and pleasure.


The Call of Spirit and 15 Years of Evolution

My entry into the spiritual and healing arts began as a child with daily horoscopes, an early connection that foreshadowed a deeper calling. In the 90s, I dipped my toe into the spiritual waters, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that I answered the call of Spirit with intention. The turning point came with my first numerology reading, where the practitioner prophesied a path in this work for me. At that moment, I couldn’t fathom the significance, but now, over 15 years later, the Turquoise Sanctuary opens its doors to serve others on their unique journeys.

Navigating Realms Together

Join me on this enchanting odyssey, where the rich tapestry of heritage converges with the healing arts. Together, let’s navigate the realms of creativity, spirituality, and self-discovery. As we dance through the shared existence of our souls, we uncover the keys to a life illuminated with purpose and joy.

The magic within is not a distant spell but a living, breathing essence waiting to be unveiled. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery with Madame Turquo!se? The invitation is extended, and the doors to the Turquoise Sanctuary are open for you.


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